Damn Early Days:

Runs Monday to Friday, Join When You Want

Damn Early Days gives you the space you need to have the life you want, every day of the week.

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Monthly Amount USD

Monthly Amount USD

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  • Morning check-in text system Monday-Friday
  • Access to the 21 Daily Doses -- daily challenges, questions, videos and resources to lay your foundations and help you succeed.
  • Daily Jams - because good living needs a soundtrack
  • A global online DED community.
  • New Social Online Forum on Discord, away from Facebook
  • Nightly Check-Out

This year, wake up damn early and get back to the things you know you care about.

Ask yourself: "What would I do with 60 extra hours this month?" Honestly, think about it. What are those things you know you want in your life, but just "can’t seem to find the time” for?

Well, here’s your chance to get them.

Life is busy, pulling us all in 100 directions, but what about the stuff inside of us? What about all those things we know we actually care about? This year, make a commitment to get back to that.

Time to get back to your life. Damn Early.

What You Can Expect From The Program:

Damn Early Days is designed to pull you out of your routine and give you a few hours every morning to focus on things that actually matter to you. No more trying to fit the important stuff--your goals, plans, and real priorities-- in at the end of the day, only to realize you’ve run out of time and will have to put it off… again.

With Damn Early Days, you can expect:

- Daily check-ins (M to F) that will help hold you accountable to yourself and the commitments you make during the program. We text you, click the link to check-in, and go smash your day.
- 21 Daily Doses of online content that offers you challenges, prompts, and the best ideas and strategies to help you reset, refocus, get clear, and get after what you really want. Understand yourself better, and become more clear on your habits, goals, and lifestyle. Work through them at your own pace.
- Access to a rad community of others in DED for support, learning, and community, sharing wins and struggles as they go.
- This is an ongoing monthly subscription program, that you can join anytime.

How It Works

1. Commit to Damn Early Days [get signed up]
2. Pick a check-in time between 4 AM - 630 AM. (Sounds scary? Good. Challenge yourself but make it sustainable)
3. Wake-up Damn Early and use the time in the morning to focus on what you want.
4. Work through the 21 Damn Early Days program content at your own pace, which you will get access in your account and after you check-in each day.
5. This program is an ongoing monthly subscription and self-guided. Do it for a month, or do it for 6 months. Come back again whenever you need it. .

With your daily time to focus on what matters to you, the DED program will help you understand where you are currently at in life, where you want to go, what’s in the way, and how to break free and get there. Cut through the noise and get back to you.

And you aren’t alone – there’s also a community of rad humans getting after it together, here to support and push you all along the way. Connect together on our Discord platform.

So, how much?

Many would charge $100s for a program like this, but we believe everyone should have the opportunity to chase what matters, so we've left the program as a Pay-What-You-Want program, with a minimum monthly payment of $5 USD, suggested monthly amount of $21 USD.


Let's go.

Program Runs Continuously

This program has served 1000s of members worldwide in the last couple years. Our team is constantly improving this platform, and we're all-in on our mission is to help people around the world 🌍 truly unlock what's sitting inside them.

We’re working full time on this because we’ve seen it change lives in so many ways we never thought possible.

Ps. Know that Damn Early Days takes 100s of hours to create, run, and develop each month and 1,000s of dollars to deploy. Your generous contribution helps make sure we can keep making this better and bring it to more people.